Monday, May 3, 2010

Smart Phones

                               Some people feel that smart phones in our school will only bring more negative attention to the classroom. I for one believe that this statement is only for some students. The students who only come to school because their parents made are the main ones i believe will bring the negative attention to the class most. As for the other students who come to school because they want to do something with their lives are the ones i believe will us their smart phones for something more useful like using the web or doing reasearch something.                                                                                                 
                                        I feel the negative attention will be the only ones bringing the negative attention to the classroom for three reasons. They dont really wanna be in school they're just there because their parents, guardians, or whoever they live with made them come to school. Also if they don't really wanna be in school they probably come to class being a class clown or just distracting the class because they don't wanna be there. Another thing is they don't wanna be in achool so they probably won't do their work and if the other students see them not doing anything then they'll probably stop doing their work also.
                                            The attentive students are way better than the others because they'll be there because they want to be not because they have to be. Instead of playing games,texting, and talking on the they'll on their phone for more useful stuff like finding out info about an upcoming reasearch project, or using Google to get information for a class assignment or homework.  I believe these students will only use their phone if they have a really serious situation and i think they'll probably be polite enough to ask for permisson to use their cell phones. I feel that only a certain amount of people should be able to use their smartphones in class.

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