Monday, May 17, 2010

Netiquette Guidelines pt2

I think it is very important to follow the netiquette guidelines when using the internet. I feel this way because of three reasons. One reason is because you cant tell someones emotion so emoticon can come in handy. Also because because you could get hurt really bad if you say the wrong thing to the wrong person. Last but not least you never really know who you're talking on the internet.
Saying the wrong on the internet has gotten many young teenagers hurt today. You could be just playing but that person cannot tell whether or not you're joking because you can't see each other though the internet so they can take what you're saying seriously.People die everyday for something stupid and one those stupid things is saying the wrong thing on the computer.
You never know who you're really talking to on the computer. You could be talking to a pedophile or rapist and not even know it. People get killed or hurt really

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